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Sharing student work

I’ve been wanting to share my students’ work for a while now, but due to a lack of technology access in school, the fact that we’re halfway through the year, and the fact that I have a coursebook-bound syllabus, the opportunities to incorporate blogs / wikis etc into class are very limited, especially because I’m still trying to work them out myself!

I have, however, been able to encourage my students to record themselves at home. In order to share this work with the world (with their permission of course!) I have set up a second blog. Each week I will post a collection of links to my students’ work, along with a request for comments. I will also post the page on Twitter using the hashtag #comments4efl. If you have a few minutes, I (and my students) would be very grateful if you could post your thoughts on their work. I will share all links with them, and we can hopefully get a dialogue going.

Head on over and take a look.



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