Invite them in (30goals)

This is my contribution for this week’s 30 goals challenge, set by Shell Terrell.

Goal 6: Invite them in

The first challenge of the week was to invite colleagues and those around us in to see what we do in our classrooms. I always have the door open at school, or the blinds open on the meeting room windows at company classes. I’ve always enjoyed having other teachers come into the room, and peeking into my colleagues’ rooms when their doors are open too.

But what I’ve not been doing is sharing my students’ work outside the room – it’s always been for myself and them only. So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to encourage students to (allow me to) share what they’ve been doing. The result is a new blog with work from as many of my students as possible. This has been positive for them, allowing them to see that there is a wider audience for their work, and for myself too, allowing me to get feedback from both teachers and students on what we’ve been doing.

5 thoughts on “Invite them in (30goals)

  1. Thank you for joining the challenge! Just took a look at your students’ work! It’s simply amazing! I’ll be looking forward to hearing about how this step has impacted your students and your relationship with their parents.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Most of my students are actually adults, and this year they’re almost all pre-Advanced, so they have a good basis for their English. Posting their work on the blog is a way to keep them motivated, as I know at this level it’s easy for them to lose motivation. Thanks for publicising the link too.


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