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Clouding my blog

Here’s my response to Dave Dodgson’s mini challenge based on his wordclouds presentation from the 2011 Virtual Round Table conference:

In word cloud format (using wordle) you can see that I’ve just done a post on Cuisenaire rods with Ceri, hence the large ‘rods’ and ‘one’, the latter of which also comes from the articles post. I didn’t realise how much I’d used the word ‘one’ until it appeared here! As with Dave and Vladka, I’m happy that the word ‘students’ is so large in the cloud too. You can draw your own conclusions from the rest of it!

To see what I’ve done with word clouds with my students, take a look at the first part of the presentation in this post.


Comments on: "Clouding my blog" (6)

  1. […] of teachers I admire and am lucky to have in my PLN, joining the challenge: Vladmira Michalkova, Sandy Millin and Tyson Seburn. I really enjoyed noticing how each one drew different conclusions from their word […]


  2. What a great word cloud! you could use this when thinking of topics to lecture about at a conference – look at the wide range of topics /issues/strategies you deal with!


  3. Thanks for being one of the first to join the challenge Sandy!

    The number of different words also struck me immediately – a reflection on your varied and quality content. 🙂


  4. […] suggested making a WORD CLOUD of one's blog. Having seen David's cloud and Cecilia's Cloud and Sandy Millin's CLOUD I decided to follow suit! Here it is: I'm somewhat puzzled. Some things are obvious. The words […]


  5. You gave me the inspiration Sandy, you and Henrik. Thanks, it’s a beneficial process.


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