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Describing graphs

Here is a set of worksheets I made last year. I used them over a series of lessons with various groups at Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level. (They may take a while to load on this page)
Some of the activities are taken from other sources, in which case they should always be credited. If you believe I have used something which is uncredited, please let me know.
Feel free to use and adapt the worksheets however you see fit. They can be used in whatever order you see fit. I have tried to arrange them here with the more specific items at the beginning and the general summaries at the end. If you think any of the answers are missing or any of the information is incorrect, please let me know too.

Comments on: "Describing graphs" (10)

  1. Hi!! great resources!! thank you very much for sharing I was just looking for something like this for my business English lessons.

    Thanks a lot!


  2. Just posted a link to this on the TeachingEnglish facebook page if you’d like to check for comments.

    Please feel free to post there when you have anything you’d like to share.




  3. Amanda said:

    Thank you very much for this great page. I’m just starting out on my own and need all the resources I can get! : )


    • Hi Amanda,
      If you haven’t already, I would highly recommended joining Twitter. There is a great ELT and ESOL community on there, and it’s a brilliant way to find out about new resources.
      Glad I could help!


  4. […] Millin’ (people know I exist!) and ‘describing graphs‘ are the most common search terms bringing people […]


  5. Hello, great worksheets! I mentioned this page in a post I wrote about a describing graphs lesson I recently taught. Hope that’s ok!


  6. Your worksheets are great! I’ve been using them for quite some time now, but I need to doublecheck because of the copyright regulations and restrictions for my employer. So, apart from the one that says “Taken from…” you created these worksheets all by yourself and I should be on the safe side if I only use those, right?


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