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Emotions word clouds

I created these word clouds based on The Little Book of Feelings and Emotions which I received at a recent conference as promotional material from Oxford University Press.

I have been using them with my 1-2-1 post-Proficiency student, and we have two questions for you.

Which five-ten of these words/phrases would you be most likely to use?

Are there any which you would never use? Why not?

Thank you!

And as a bonus, I created a downloadable slideshow using the #eltpicsEmotions‘ set on Flickr…


Comments on: "Emotions word clouds" (3)

  1. I’m curious – which phrases / words attracted the students the most? How did they manage with idioms like “ruffle feathers”? Were they able to relate to it flexibly?
    The choice of pictures is excellent – suitable for a wide audience?
    A p;easure, as always!


    • Hi Naomi,
      We’ve actually only looked at the first word cloud so far, and I was surprised at how few my student knew. She did her Proficiency certificate 10 years ago, and was a translator and interpreter for a while, so it’s generally quite difficult to find something new for her!
      Quite a few of the phrases are similar to Czech or Dutch (which she also speaks), but some of them have completely different meanings. For example ‘have butterflies’ doesn’t exist in Czech, and in Dutch it is not used for nervousness (at least that’s what she thought when we were discussing it!).
      The most interesting thing tends to be in the semantic differences between similar words, such as ‘incensed’, ‘berserk’ and ‘hit the roof’ which are all used in the context of anger, but bring different ideas to mind.
      The problem I tend to have is finding ways to enable her to use the vocabulary again, hence the use the of the eltpics. I thought it would be good to get her to think of as many of the words / phrases as would apply to each situation, and consider how the person felt before and after each picture, as well as how the people around them might feel.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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