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Here’s the last draft (I hope!) of the flowchart (first draft, second draft), this time as a worksheet for use in class. The complete flowchart with all of the answers is in the second draft. Here’s an articles lesson plan I posted earlier.

It’s available for download, and I’d be interested to know if you use it in class/if there’s anything I should change. Please credit the source. Enjoy!

.docx format

.pdf format


Comments on: "Articles Flowchart: Third Draft (Student Worksheet)" (7)

  1. […] I have created an articles flowchart and worksheet which you might like to use in class with these […]


  2. rubik101 said:

    Sandi, this looks great but I couldn’t download it. can you post it as a pdf. file attachment?
    Many thanks,


  3. John Graney said:

    I like your flowchart very much. Here is a slideshow on articles that I did on Slideshare.
    It isn’t as pedagogically strong as yours, but it was fun to do.


  4. […] been following my blog is probably sick of this flowchart by now (first draft, second draft, third draft), but I’m planning for this to be the last post relating to […]


  5. I just used this flowchart in my class today, and it was really helpful. The main complaint from the students was that it was hard to read, but that’s what you get for having so much information. I had to tweak the colors to make it legible.

    Also, the “after at, to or from” part confused many students, so that took a bit of explanation. Thanks for making this!


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