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Anybody who’s been following my blog is probably sick of this flowchart by now (first draft, second draft, third draft), but I’m planning for this to be the last post relating to it!

I’ve now used it in class, so have hopefully ironed out most of the problems. I corrected a couple of typos, an incorrect colour (which meant I miscounted the number of each article needed to complete the worksheet) and added a modifier to the musical instruments section. If there are any more, PLEASE let me know so I can annoy people with a fifth post!


Articles Flowchart worksheets (.doc format)

Articles Flowchart answers (.doc format)

Articles Flowchart worksheet (.pdf format)

Articles Flowchart answers (.pdf format)

Comments on: "Articles Flowchart: Final Draft (I hope!)" (10)

  1. rubik101 said:

    Maybe I’m just stupid but I can’t find any way to download your flow chart, which is a shame!


    • To download it, you need to click on “View on slideshare”, then download it from their site. You’re not stupid at all! I should have explained it as it’s not immediately obvious.
      Good luck!


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  3. I love this. Is there a way to print out the flow chart??


    • Click ‘view on slideshare’ then select ‘print’ once the new window is open. You have to join slideshare to be able to print it, but it’s completely free.
      Glad you like it!


  4. This looks awesome. I will be using it next week to help some would-be journalists fix their common errors. I may use it in composition classes as well. Thanks for the hard work!


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  6. […] Detailed Articles Flowchart […]


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  8. […] many different versions of charts to help students work out whether they needed articles or not. Some of them were very complicated because I tried to include way too much information in them. Then I went to the other […]


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