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As part of my CAM course I was required to teach an experimental lesson using an approach which I haven’t tried before. This is similar but a lot less intense than the DELTA experimental lesson. The lesson had to part of a longer series of lessons trying out a lesson descriptor (like PPP or TTT), again which we hadn’t used before. I decided to use Micheal Lewis’ Observe-Hypothesize-Experiment, which I had trouble with understanding and blogged about here.

I chose to try out the Lexical Approach since it linked directly to the descriptor I had chosen for the other lessons. We’d been looking at conditionals, and herein lay my problem – the Lexical Approach is for vocabulary, but I wanted to teach grammar with it. So, as with all of these things, I put out a call on Twitter, and Fiona Mauchline responded. With her help I put together the materials below. They worked well in class, but whether or not it was a true Lexical Approach lesson or whether the students will remember the phrases afterwards I still don’t know.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the lesson or add more Lexical Approach aspects, please leave a comment below. Feel free to download and use the materials any way you like, crediting the source please. If you have any problems with it, I’m happy to help.



Comments on: "If I were a boy (Beyoncé and the Lexical Approach)" (5)

  1. Hi Sandy,

    If you’re still interested in the 2nd conditional, Norah Jones has a good one, too:
    And, have you seen this site on comparing countries?


  2. Hi Sany,

    Just posted a link to this on the TeachingEnglish facebook page if you’d like to check for comments.




  3. Hi Sandy
    I came across this post of yours by chance because it was linked to another post I was reading – you see I spend a lot of time reading your blog 🙂
    What a great activity! Have you seen the activities I’ve developed for the same song?
    If you need any help with the Lexical approach in future, you know where to find me


    • Hi Leo,
      I saw your activities and I meant to reply with the link to this but never did. Oops! I’ll definitely head straight for you next time I need help with LA. Ta!


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