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Team teaching

I had my first experience of team teaching today, and I really enjoyed it (I hope Flo did too!)

Due to the (planned!) demands of Monday morning placement testing, Flo and I each had 6 Elementary level students, with only one classroom. The groups were merged and we taught them together. Unfortunately, we didn’t have chance to sit down and plan together as Flo was on holiday the week before and the class started at 9am. Never fear though – my PLN came to our rescue! Thanks to Cecilia Coelho‘s excellent ideas for the first day of school we had an easily planned complete lesson. We chose to do the ‘profile’ activity as Flo was meeting her students for the first time, and I didn’t know them either.

We followed Ceci’s plan, then extended it by having the students write a written bio. As a final step they wrote two statements under each text. The other students then read the bios and decided if the statements were true or false.

In terms of team teaching, I lead the activities with Flo supporting, since I knew some of the group already. It was useful to have somebody who knew what we were doing to demonstrate activities with. It was also great when all 12 students were writing and I didn’t have to answer every call of ‘teacher’! Although I wouldn’t want to team teach all the time, it was an interesting experience and definitely something I’d be happy to try again 🙂


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  1. Sounds like a very interesting experience Sandy… I’ve always wondered about co-teaching and I have even tried to convince my coordinator last semester with a very difficult group I had, with a few students with learning disabilities… I thought sharing the class with another teacher would have been of great help, allowing us to dedicate more individual attention to those students.

    Liked the way you took the profile activity one step further… And thanks for the shout out! 😉


  2. Hi Ceci,
    I definitely think co-teaching is useful, if not essential with students who have learning disabilities – that’s one of the reasons why classroom assistants are so sought after in primary / secondary schools in the UK. The extra attention we were able to give the students really helped, and I don’t think they ever felt ‘neglected’, as they might have done if it were only me teaching them.
    Thanks for planning our lesson! 😉


  3. I’m glad you had the opportunity to experience co teaching! When the teachers have a good working relationship it can work smoothly and be very beneficial. In my experience one teacher is usually more dominant. It is most beneficial when the class is heteregenous.
    I hope you ahve the opportunity in the future, too!


  4. Hi Sandy,

    I’ve done a lot of team teaching over the years. It can be great fun and you can learn a lot form the other teachers. It provides an interesting dynamic for the students and gives them the best of two worlds so to speak. I would definitely reccomend trying it.

    Glad you enjoyed it!


  5. Hi Sandy,

    I just came across your blog and look forward to reading it throughout the upcoming school year. As an English Teaching Assistant in Madrid, I hope to use some of the ideas you mention. After a quick half-hour perusal, I’ve already got a few ideas I’d like to try out. Thanks for helping me add new tricks to the teaching bag!


    • Hi Cassandra,
      I’m happy to be able to help 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time in Madrid. I guess you’re doing it through the British Council? I spent a year in Paraguay through the teaching assistants programme – and it was a great time. Have fun and if you need any help there are lots of people on Twitter and keeping blogs with loads of ideas. I’m happy to help!


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