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The £100 challenge

This was something I did a few weeks back with a group of Elementary students. It could probably be adapted for your students without too much trouble.

We spent a couple of days talking about types of shop and what you could buy from them. I then gave them a time limit and sent them off into the local shopping centre in pairs. They had to decide what they would spend their £100 on and take photos of each item. The pair who got closest to £100 and had the best reasons for their purchases were the winners, as decided by the other students in the group. They really enjoyed it and I hope your students do too 🙂

To download, click ‘view on slideshare’. You may have to log in (not sure), but it’s completely free. You should then be able to click on ‘download’ above the document.

Comments on: "The £100 challenge" (4)

  1. Great idea, Sandy! I must try to remember it if & when I have an appropriate class to do it with!


  2. It IS a great activity! For school teachers (like myself) the main adaptation would be dealing with the issue that one cannot leave the school grounds. So a preliminary activity might be in order (listing the types of shop in a typical mall).


  3. Thanks for sharing, Sandy! It would be difficult for my students to leave the school premises (we are too far away from a city centre) but we could bring catalogues (translate vocab first) or they can use online shops (authentic material). I could ask my business students to equip a new office e.g. See who comes up with the nicest, most functional office for … well, a bit more than £100 then 😉


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