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This post has been a very long time coming. Back in July, my students spend a week on a news project. Every afternoon they worked in groups with the aim of producing a news bulletin to ‘broadcast’ on Friday afternoon. We did some brainstorming based on what was in the news on Monday, and after that they went their own ways. These were the results, and I think you’ll agree, they’re excellent!

I particularly like the weather at the end of this one.

I don’t know how they kept a straight face!

After a five minute tutorial on how to use iMovie, this was the result.

Well done guys, and sorry it took me so long to publish them!

Comments on: "And now, it’s time for the news" (5)

  1. Hi Sandy, these videos are great! The students obviously put in a lot of work and produced some very professional news reports. Well done, Sandy’s class!
    PS I was very impressed by Ernest’s impersonation of a chicken – it was so realistic!


  2. Haha… very cool.

    Haven’t ever done a video project with students, but sounds brilliant. Cheers !


  3. Coeliaclibrarian said:



  4. Wonderful!! congratulations to you and your students!!


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