Essay writing checklist

I wrote this worksheet based on problems my students have been having with the FCE Writing Part 2 essay-writing task. Feel free to download it, use it with your own students and let me know what I need to change / improve. It fit onto five pages on my computer, but has expanded to six on slideshare. If you adjust the margins once you’ve downloaded, you’ll save a bit of paper! 🙂

[To download, click ‘view on slideshare’. You may have to log in (not sure), but it’s completely free. You should then be able to click on ‘download’ above the document.]

Here are the answers:

Essay writing checklist answers


10 thoughts on “Essay writing checklist

  1. Nice one, Sandy. I have a couple of FCE classes just now, and we’re starting on writing. Will give it a go.

    PS Do you approach the different writing tasks in a specific order? I’m asking because I tend to think that report-writing is the easiest of all, so we start there. Whaddya think?

    Also, are your students a bit scared of writing fiction?


    1. Hi Alan,
      I didn’t do them in a particular order, but I agree that reports are easier. We did a lot of informal letters at the start as I think this is the most relevant to them. It’s what my students in their 20s are most likely to need to produce.
      At the moment, they seem to like writing stories, but they’re having a bit of trouble with creating a narrative structure. The stories tend to jump around a lot.


  2. This looks good Sandy. I want to do something similar for my FCE students.

    Worth repeating: have you answered the question? And also the point about sounding sure of yourself.

    I know we teachers encourage students to learn some cool phrases but we also didn’t mean it to come out as “in my opinion, as far as I’m concerned this might perhaps have been a difficult situation…” You know what I mean : )


    1. Thanks Dara and David for your comments on this. Let me kow how it goes with your students and if there’s anything which needs adding. David, I know exactly what you mean about that final sentence!


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