Useful links for Business English teaching

One of my colleagues, Katy Simpson-Davies, is moving to Dubai, where she will be teaching business English. She asked me for some links to give her some ideas about how to improve her teaching for business, and we decided it would make a good blog post too.

The list is by no means exhaustive, just what I could find in my bookmarks and on Twitter when I was emailing Katy. She added more links once she’d had time to investigate, so this post is a joint effort. It is not intended to be a list of materials (although some of the sites include them), but rather ways to find out how to teach business English. Feel free to add other ideas in the comments!

Methodology and Resources

For learners

  • Christine Burgmer’s blog for business learners is a great resource, full of short and sweet posts to keep students interested.
  • Business Spotlight is a German-based magazine which also has an online arm. The website includes a number of blogs for business learners.

All of these links are on my diigo (social bookmarking) tag for business English, to which I constantly add new links.

I found out about all of these links through Twitter, where there is a huge community of teachers from all over the world. They are supportive and always happy to help other teachers out. To find out how to join this community, click here.

So now, grab a drink and something to eat, and get surfing!

Coffee, a snack and the internet

Photo taken from eltpics by @aClilToClimb

P.S. Good luck Katy!

25 thoughts on “Useful links for Business English teaching

  1. Thanks Sandy for bringing this list to my attention!
    Very useful indeed, especially as I remember joining the #Eltchat on this topic but wasn’t able to find the summary – and the link is here 🙂

    Can I recommend this post to my workshop attendees?



  2. Hi Sadny! I’ve released a set (65 and growing) of my personal ESL lesson plans on an easy to use web platform (that I’ve designed), we are currently free and looking for teachers to give us feedback. They are especially useful for teachers running their own private online lessons. Take a look


  3. Great list thanks. For careers in multinationals and global companies where English is the first language (Banking/Finance, Pharma, IT, Media, Arts), we provide links to some of the latest news and views in relation to business topics. We look at 12 key business areas for developing high level business English, with advice for learning and developing English fluency for work. Level B1+.


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