English students and their use of online materials

I’m currently in the process of preparing for my IATEFL presentation in March 2012. Here is the title and abstract:

Go online: getting your students to use internet resources

What factors help or hinder students’ uptake and continued use of online materials to aid their English learning outside the classroom?

What can teachers do in class to encourage students to take advantage of available materials and help them to overcome any obstacles?

This talk will detail the results of action research done in my classes.

It’s supposed to be based on classroom research, and I have been collecting information from my students, but I would really like to widen the research to make it a little more valid, since most of my learners come from similar backgrounds, and one of the things I am aiming to create is a list of characteristics of students who do and don’t take advantage of online materials. If it’s only based on my 20-40 year old students at a private language school in the UK, it’s not going to be relevant to many 🙂

I would be very grateful if you could ask your students to complete the questionnaire below. Could you also forward it to other teachers you know who may not be on Twitter/blogs for their students?

If they cannot access it through this blog post, the link is http://bit.ly/EnglishOnlineResearch (case sensitive) and the QR code is here:

Research QR code

It is completely anonymous, unless the email address field is completed at the end of the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey, what it will be used for or my research, please let me know. All of the results will be published on this blog after the conference.

Thank you in advance.


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