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I did this activity in an IELTS class this morning as a fun way to practise listening part 1, where you have to write information down including numbers and letters. These could be product codes, reference numbers and other combinations of numbers and letters.

You could also use it with lower level students to practise the alphabet or vocabulary you’ve studied recently.

Dictate a place name, interspersed with letters and numbers. This was my example (be careful with ‘o’ and zero):


Students should write it down as just a series of letters and numbers. Tell them it’s a place which they have to find by underlining the letters. The answer here is ‘Wolverhampton’, the town where I grew up.

They then think of a place name and add some numbers to it to dictate to a partner. They could also choose some vocabulary from a recent class, names of people, or reverse it by having a date with letters interspersed in it.

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  3. Hi Sandy,

    Still doing a great job! I think this is your only post on the IELTS? I just wanted to reach out as you have previously posted on another website of mine ( on top FCE blogs which was really appreciated!

    I now have another website for the IELTS and would love if you posted a link to it here, if possible. Feel free to check it out first though (of course!) at

    There is a really useful link for people studying for the IELTS which goes deeper into the task types and even features free videos introducing them to the test:

    I would really appreciate it if you’d add a link to this post perhaps or maybe to our homepage even? It would mean a lot if we could get a quick shout out to check us for more information around the IELTS. Your endorsement would mean a lot! Thanks a lot and look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Please feel free to contact me directly on and we might be able to work together more in the future.


    • Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I can’t endorse something I haven’t used myself, and as I don’t currently teach IELTS, that probably won’t change soon. However, I’m happy to leave this comment here for other people to take a look themselves if they want to.


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