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I came up with an easy to prepare getting to know you activity today, which took about 30 minutes with 12 upper intermediate students.

Divide A4 pieces of paper into quarters – as many as you need for one quarter per student.

Students fold their piece of paper in half.

They draw a picture of themselves on one half, then write key words related to their lives on the other half – as many or as few as they choose.

The final step is a mingle where they show their pictures and key words to other students in the class, and use these as prompts for conversation.

I put the names of all of the students on the board to help them too.

This was my paper:

ImageWhen I first tried to end the activity the students all said ‘No, I’ve still got to speak to…’.


Comments on: "Getting to know you with key words" (6)

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I love discovering new getting to know you activities and this one is great! Thanks for sharing it.



  2. christobel said:

    upper intermediate students?


  3. I do this, too. And then I follow it with an acrostic poem using their names, so the first line of the poem begins with the first letter of their name, the second with the second, etc. Lots of fun!


  4. hi there
    this is a great activity i did this along with
    mcmorrowsinead suggestion and the two worked very well in context of a first class.



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