Cook or cooker?

Here is one of my favourite visual mnemonics.




I came up with it a long time ago, and now use it every time a student makes a mistake with this pair of words. I’ve never noticed them make the mistake again! (Note to self: reverse the colours next time!)

Since this was so quick to post, I challenge you to share your own favourite mnemonics, visual or otherwise, for those pesky mistakes students will keep making. I’ll add a list to this post as they’re published.

8 thoughts on “Cook or cooker?

  1. I do the same with the verb ‘to be’ versus ‘do’ or ‘have’ confusion. I am China = an outline of China with eyes, stick legs and arms. I am black hair = masses of hair with arms and legs… they also work!


  2. I find the following useful to remember how to spell ‘necessary’. Visualise a vicar wearing nothing but one collar and two socks 🙂


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