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Ten years and one week ago I joined Bookcrossing, a site where you register books then pass them on to other people, following their journey around the world. It was my first experience of the social side of the internet, and was the first way I met people face-to-face who I’d originally been in contact with online. These are my current stats on the site:

That doesn’t tell you everything though. It’s also led to some great long-lasting friendships, as well as broadening the kind of books I have read – many I picked up by chance at Bookcrossing conventions or local meet-ups, that I would never have chosen to read in a bookshop. I’ve also seen my books travel across continents, and around the world, and received parcels in various countries from bookcrossing friends. Take a look at my profile for examples of some of these. It also introduced me to postcrossing. Although I don’t do it so actively now, I hope I’ll still be Bookcrossing for many years to come!


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  1. I’m 10 a the end of August! I was most caught bookcrosser at one stage (all those official bookcrossing zones) and 21st most released in the word ever, however I hardly ever do it now. I do cherish the friends I have made and still go to the Birmingham meetups, though – and I released 4 books on Christmas Day, one of which was found and enjoyed!


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