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10 years ago today I got on a plane for the first big adventure of my life: 4 months in the jungle, in 3 stages: Danum Valley for 6 weeks, Sepilok Orangutan Centre for a week, and Long Napir village school for two months. The school was my first experience of teaching English, and I fell in love with it.
I shared links and photos from my trip a few years ago in my Returning from Borneo post. The picture at the bottom of the post shows a tree with an observation platform to look across the top of the jungle canopy. I borrowed the photo from one of my friends.
The trip gave me really good friends, experiences I will never forget, a profession I love, and a taste for adventure.
Thank you Trekforce!


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  2. […] first ever lesson was working with children in the jungle in Borneo. I got incredibly homesick while working there, and filled multiple notebooks in the 8 weeks I was […]


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