What makes a successful blog?

Adam Simpson and I were interviewed by Paul Braddock and Ann Foreman from the British Council, as part of the IATEFL Harrogate online coverage. It was a great privilege to be asked to do this.

We were asked about what makes a successful blog and how we go about blogging. The interview is just under 8 minutes, and I hope there are some useful tips in there.

Adam’s blog is www.teachthemenglish.com, and if you’re not already following it, you should be.

Shortly afterwards James Taylor, Katherine Bilsborough and Willy Cardoso were asked about ‘the benefits of blogging, growing the confidence to blog, and how it enables a different level of communication with peers around the world.’

Paul and Ann run the highly successful TeachingEnglish facebook page, which is a treasure trove of resources. All five of us have benefitted from it, and it’s great to be able to give something back.

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11 thoughts on “What makes a successful blog?

  1. Hi Sandy,

    l loved the interviews 🙂 You are all so encouraging! You make it sound so easy and right to start off a blog if there is a desire to do so. I think it’s great that such experts like you, Adam Simpson, James T., Katherine B. and Willy C. share with us beginners and newbies that taking off in such a project is a process that takes some time and focus on the long term benefits, specially at a personal level.

    In my case, a month ago exactly from today I posted on your about me page, sharing with you my desire to have my own blog. Well… it’s only a few days old but it’s a reality now and I would be so delighted if you would take a few minutes to have a look at it.

    I am still finding my way through it, but I am really excited about it.

    Actually, I invited Adam Simpson to read my post FORTUNE TELLERS MAKE THEM SPEAK, and he actually did 🙂 🙂 🙂 and even hit like for it which was unimaginable to me.

    Hope you like it!
    Thanks for the inspiration.



    1. Hi Laila,
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you – I wish I’d done it earlier, because the activities and ideas on your blog are great! I’ve added it to me feed, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’m glad to have helped you to start on this journey, if only in a very small way! I look forward to seeing where it takes you.


      1. Hi Sandy,

        Well of course you have 🙂 It’s been great so far. I’m trying to learn from experienced bloggers and teachers like you 🙂
        I’m really glad you liked the ideas on my blog.
        I know you are snowed under with your own work, but I would really appreciate your feedback.
        Thanks for dropping by.


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