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My Infinite ELT Ideas blog has finally been resurrected! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up posting on it this time, as there’ll be no Delta to eat my time!

To start you off again, here’s the latest prompt, based on the BBC World Service ’60 second idea to improve the world’. All you need to do is click on the link, read the post, and suggest ideas for how to use the podcast in class. What are you waiting for?!

60 second Idea to Improve the World

Comments on: "Infinite ELT Ideas is back!" (4)

  1. Kate Smook said:

    I’ve just finished teaching Speakout Advanced and if I’d known about this I’d have used it as an introduction to the descriptive writing (personal story) my students did. They could have chosen something to talk about to help them structure their thinking and language use. Oh well there’s always next year………


    • That’s the annoying thing about blogposts – sometimes they’re just a tiny bit too late 😉 But as you say, there’s always another time!


  2. Love this blog 🙂 So happy it is back and looking forward to contribute and learn


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