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I haven’t had time to write on my blog in the past few months, but I did manage to do a couple of very short pieces for others while I was on one of my recent long bus journeys.

One of these was for the British Council Teaching English website as part of their monthly blogging challenges. I wrote on the theme of professional development, with the title ‘Developing Myself and Others‘. Click on the link to read the post.

I’m currently assistant course tutor on a CELTA in Vancouver which runs until the 19th December. I’ll then have a few days in Seattle, then head back to the UK for Christmas, where I’m hoping to apply for my Russian visa and get back to Sevastopol, at which point I might have time to blog again!


Comments on: "Developing myself and others (Teaching English associates)" (5)

  1. Seattle is ace! Go on the underground city tour!


  2. Naver forget to take your umbrella with you to Washington state Sandy ! Switcing gears now , would you possibly give me a hand as I have been emailing countless applications to teach overseas foe the past 3 years but in vain . Do ou have any siver bullet i.e. persons or schools in GCC countries that hire a solid serious TESOL teacher . Have a safe flight all the way back to Aberdeen UK Sand.


  3. Dear Sandy

    I read your post on British Council with interest, it seems our backgrounds are quite similar, CELTA, DELTA and now CELTA trainers, I’ve just done my first course after training.

    I just wanted to share something that a friend and I are doing in Geneva and may be useful for you in Sevastopol (hope that is correct). Every month, we get together with a group of teachers from all over Geneva to share ideas/knowledge/successes/concerns etc. We have just started up and for the moment, there are between 8 and 12 participants. We hope, in time that more people will come. For the new year, we would like to invite a few speakers and really create a teaching community in Geneva. We have even given ourselves a name: ‘teacherholics’. Good luck with your idea, I hope it works out, it is a good initiative and I’m sure the other teachers will benefit from it.


    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for the comment, and apologies for the delay in replying.
      I like the idea you have in Geneva, and I hope it works well. It sounds exactly like something I’d love to do in Sevastopol, but unfortunately I won’t be back there now for anything other than CELTA, at least for a couple of years. Good luck with what you’re doing there, and if you’re interested in writing a guest blog post about it, I’d be happy to host it!


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