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A few years ago I took the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring, part of which involved learning how to use Moodle. Unfortunately, I haven’t had chance to play with it again, so when Vedrana Vojkovic recommended the Learn Moodle MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), I thought it would be a good chance to refresh my knowledge and try out my first MOOC.

The Learn Moodle MOOC is a four-week course which I believe takes place on a fairly regular basis. You can find out the date of the next one at the top of the MOOC homepage. (I believe it will be July 2015)

Each week, there is a live tutorial accompanied by a series of tasks. The tasks contain clear instructions and links to very easy-to-follow YouTube videos explaining how to use the different parts of Moodle. I think you’re meant to spend about 1-2 hours per week on there.

When I signed up, I had no plans for the rest of January. I completed the week one tasks at a leisurely pace. Then life took over, and I had very little time to do the rest of the course. I ended up doing most of the rest of it in a couple of hours on the first day of week four. Frustratingly, I had just one task left at the end of this, but couldn’t finish it as it depends on other participants, meaning I had to return the next day to do it. The final task only took a few minutes though, so it wasn’t too bad.

As a reward, I got this:

Learn Moodle complete badge

Despite the rush, I think I got what I wanted out of it – a reminder of the main functions of Moodle, and an introduction to some of the bits that were less developed when I did the COLT course. If I ever think I’ll have the time to do it, and if I found one that interested me, I’d definitely do another MOOC.

Thanks for recommending it Vedrana!


Comments on: "Learn Moodle – my first MOOC" (2)

  1. martinerant said:

    There are loads of MOOCs relating to learning and teaching English (as well as other subjects and areas). I’m about to begin ‘Teaching Adult Learners’ with Open2Study (starts on 9th February). It’s my first course with them, so I hope it goes well.

    I’ve previously completed courses with Coursera and Futurelearn; I really liked the recent Futurelearn course in ‘Understanding Learning and Teaching’ which was developed with the British Council and will re-run in April 2015. EdX is another provider of free online courses, though I’ve never taken any of theirs. I’ve included the links below if you want to browse and see if anything looks interesting!



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