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On Monday, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Katherine Bilsborough, one of my fellow TeachingEnglish Associates. She was in Palma (where I’m working this month) doing a seminar on behalf of OUP. The other presenter was Jessica Toro, who I know from going to IH Director of Studies conferences. It’s a small world!

Their sessions were very useful, and since I didn’t have wifi access, I decided to take my cue from Christina Rebuffet-Broadus and have a go at my first ever sketch-notes. Looking at Christina’s notes now, I probably tried to pack a bit too much into mine, but I’m quite pleased with them for a first attempt. You’ll notice the notes from Jessica’s talk are a lot more adventurous as I got more confident 🙂 Let me know if you want text explanations of anything I put on there.

Katherine’s talk was about how to make the most of your coursebook, particularly if you’re working with primary-age children.

My first ever sketchnotes - from Katherine Bilsborough's talk

Jessica told us how to help students get ready for young learner exams.

Sketchnotes from Jessica Toro's talk

Both sessions had lots of activities in them which makes me a tiny bit more confident about offering advice to teachers about young learner classes next year!

Thanks for inviting me Katherine 🙂

Comments on: "My first ever sketch-notes" (4)

  1. Hana Tichá said:

    Oh, my! The sketches are amazing. Perfectly intelligible. Are they the first drafts or did you re-do them later on?


  2. Gosh, wow, I agree with Hana – these are so tidy! I am struggling with stick people on my board at the moment, let alone creatively writing down a presentation like this…impressive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] first glance you might simply see mindless doodling, but these sketchnotes (created by Sandy Millin at our Meet the Authors Mallorca) also have cognitive benefits and you may want to give them a go with your […]


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