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Sevastopol moments

The views from Dasha’s house, Lisa’s flat, Tanya’s flat

Views of Sevastopol

Returning to Chersones and Silver Strings

Chersones Greek temple and Silver Strings waterfall

Seeing Foros from a different angle

Foros church

Going to Livadia for the first time

Livadia Palace

The beaches of Balaklava, Pobedi and Fiolent

Silver beach and Diana's Grotto beach


Panorama building and bits of the Crimean War painting inside

A tour of Crimea, from Karadag along the coast back to Sevastopol

Karadag, Koktebel, Mayak and the mountains of Crimea

The north side with Daria

Fort on the North Side of Sevastopol Bay

Time with Olga and Andrey

Crumble (kramBOL) with Olga, Lisa and her sons

Games with Sasha and Tony

Long chats with Anna

Dinner with Tanya and Lena

Unexpected meetings on day one, leading to lessons with M again

Visiting M and her family for pancakes, unicorns and dinosaurs

A beach barbecue with Ira and friends

Campfire on Inger beach, near Balaklava

Seeing how children have grown and finding out about ones to come

Happy smiling faces at the end of CELTA

Being reunited with all of my things

Getting back into Russian

Knowing how everything works

Observing the changes

Feeling like I’ve never left


Hoping to return

Comments on: "Sevastopol moments" (5)

  1. Joanna Malefaki said:

    Lovely post Sandy!!


  2. Do you got back there? Lovely. Have you managed to take your stuff back with you this time?


    • I was back for a month to do a CELTA course and pick up my stuff. I had a great time and was very sad to leave again, especially because this time I really have no idea when I’ll be able to go back.


  3. I love the Crimea badly 🙂 Thanks for the photos.


  4. […] they are from or live. I read two excellent posts in July. One was by Sandy Millin and it was about Crimea and the other one was by Anna Zernova and she talks about St. Pete and what she likes doing […]


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