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* Or: things I wish Brits would appreciate more

[This post has been sitting in my drafts since the beginning of May. As my facebook wall is now flooded with images of the refugees escaping to Europe, particularly from Syria, it feels like exactly the right time to finish it and get it published.]

It frustrates me when I hear people complaining about life in the UK because they don’t realise how good they have it and they don’t make the most of what they have. That’s not to say there are no problems which we need to solve, but sometimes there is so much negativity, it can outweigh the positives.

I know that a lot of these things are ones I appreciate because I have seen contrasts during my travels, and that many people haven’t been as lucky as I have with their opportunities to see the world and to meet people from so many different countries, which obviously gives me a different perspective on life in the UK. Many people I’ve met dream of coming to the UK and spend their whole lives working towards it. Their dedication is amazing, and I always hope it will work out for them, and that when they arrive they will not be met by negativity.

Here are a few things we have which I am grateful for, in no particular order:

  • very little corruption
  • rule of law
  • effective emergency services
  • a free health system
  • social security
  • education for all
  • one of the most respected university systems in the world
  • good quality roads
  • public transport across the country
  • one of the most useful passports in the world
  • an ethnically and culturally diverse population
  • support for anyone who is discriminated against for reasons of gender, race or disability
  • reliable water and electricity supplies

Lake District tree

  • some of the safest weather in the world
  • minimal threat of huge natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and hurricanes
  • a huge choice of food
  • rubbish collection and recycling
  • very few stray dogs and cats
  • a free press
  • the right to argue with and be cynical about authority
  • the right to vote
  • the right to protest freely

Why shouldn’t we share these benefits with those who need them?


Comments on: "Why people want to come to the UK*" (2)

  1. and… people that are on the whole respectful and tolerant, friendly to a point and don’t interfere unless asked.


  2. I’d love to live there one day. 🙂


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