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Thanks to the facebook function which shares your memories with you, it turns out that 17th October has been pretty significant in my teaching life, marking two big milestones and one smaller one.

On 17th October 2007 I began my part-time CELTA course at Durham University Language Centre. Eight years later and it’s taken me all over the world and given me a host of experiences I could never have imagined when I started. I now have the opportunity to pass that on to other teachers as a CELTA tutor myself and a Director of Studies working with a lot of newly-qualified teachers and helping them to take their first steps in this amazing career.

On 17th October 2010 I joined WordPress and began this blog. I started with a few posts I’d moved over from my first attempt at blogging on Google Sites, but didn’t really begin blogging in earnest until January 2011, when I was lost my voice for two weeks and couldn’t teach. At that point, I changed the theme of my blog to the one I use now and spent a while figuring out they layout – not much has changed since then! Comparing my very first posts to the ones I write now, blogging has really developed my writing style. I’ve written and spoken many times about the opportunities it’s brought me, so I won’t repeat them here!

On 17th October 2014 I began the CELTA course in San Diego, my second as a fully qualified tutor. Including that anniversary is just an excuse for sharing these photos again 🙂

San Diego


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  1. Congratulations Sandy! Your professional journey is truly an inspiration!

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  2. said:

    Dear Ms Millin,

    It is highly encouraging and motivational experience to read your posts. They not merely provide a good opportunity to learn and enhance language skills but also share insight to deal with the challenges the English language teaching bring along. I am an English teacher and landed in the UK last November. I am quite passionate to continue English language teaching and pursue my career further. Hence I applied for the CELTA quiet lately was advised to rethink and rewrite the pre interview task. I am also aiming to do the DELTA based ELT Masters from Leeds university. Could I please then ask the seasoned teacher like you for help? As I think I really need it since am quite new over here and don’t know anybody who could aid me to do the qualifications I am aiming for.

    Please do help and guide me if you have some time, I would remain grateful to you.


    Looking forward to hearing you soon!

    Best Regards, Bushra

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  3. Albert Munoz said:

    Happy anniversary Sandy!!

    You seem to be inspired by October moon.
    Keep up the good work!
    We’ll be blogging you


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