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Joanna Malefaki challenged me, and how can I refuse? 🙂


I love podcasts! I subscribe to about 25 different series, mostly from the BBC, and I love discovering new shows. Writing this post has prompted me to click on three more shows which I hadn’t heard of before,  mostly about space, one of the things I’m fascinated by. Listening to discussions with and about Tim Peake, the first British astronaut on the International Space Station, has been giving me shivers all week, marvelling at what humans can do.


I love blogs too 🙂 Joanna’s post inspired me to write this, and this evening I’ve also read about a couple of interesting speaking activities from Hana Ticha and the story of a deafblind woman travelling in Japan.


Apart from writing this post, I’ve also written up feedback for an observation on a young learner class which I watched yesterday, and did a bit of minor rewriting on a few reports from school – we’re in the process of checking them before they’re handed out to the students in the New Year.


The main speaking I did today was giving everyone wishes for Christmas and the New Year, both in the course of the day in general, and in a 15-minute period when we shared Polish wafer bread, something which is traditionally done before the Christmas Eve meal in Polish households.

Polish Christmas wafer bread

Thanks for the challenge Joanna and Merry Christmas everybody!

Comments on: "My day in four skills: #4skills1day" (1)

  1. Joanna Malefaki said:

    Hehe! So cool! I love it! I am defo going to check your bbc link! ❤💙💜💛💚


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