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This year’s MaWSIG (Materials Writing Special Interest Group) pre-conference event was based around comparing print and digital publishing.

Lizzie Pinard documented the whole thing in four parts on her blog, so I’m going to cheat and give you links to them instead of writing my own summaries. I can’t really add anything she hasn’t already said! 🙂

Links on ‘parts’ will take you to Lizzie’s blog, links on names will take you to blogs or profiles of the speakers.

Puffin poo: white Belgian chocolate with toasted rice and mallow, hand rolled in coconut

If you’re interested in the interface of print and digital, you might also like to watch the recording of this presentation by Laura Patsko and Rolf Tynan, based on research done at Cambridge University Press into the use of face2face ebooks at the Embassy English school in Cambridge.

Thanks to MaWSIG for organising another fascinating pre-conference event. Looking forward to next year already!

Addendum: a few things from the rest of the conference

Lizzie went to the MaWSIG Open Forum during the main conference and reported back on it, as well as Here’s one I made earlier – designing effective classroom materials by Katherine Bilsborough and Sue Lyon-Jones.

Here are some slightly random tweets from talks I didn’t attend, but which are all related to materials writing:

Comments on: "IATEFL Birmingham 2016: MaWSIG pre-conference event" (7)

  1. Reblogged this on White Ink Limited and commented:
    As part of the MaWSIG committee, it’s great to see participants like Sandy and Lizzie enjoying our events, and blogging about them so thoroughly!


  2. […] I had the pleasure of meeting at the MaWSIG PCE (blogged to perfection by Lizzie, whose posts are summarised and linked to by Sandy!). This means that I don’t feel obliged to try and make sense of my scribbled notes in a […]


  3. Thanks for this concise summary, Karen. I am looking forward to reading more about writing for Primary and the PlayStation generation.


    • Hi Trish,
      It was actually written by me (Sandy) rather than Karen 🙂 If you’d like to find out more about writing for the Playstation generation, have a look at Fiona Mauchline’s blog: I’m going to ask Kath Bilsborough to write a guest post for my blog, so you may something more on primary writing her at a later date, although I can’t promise anything.
      Thanks for the comment,


      • Hi Sandy
        Apologies for not appropriately crediting you for your post and also for not responding sooner. I am still learning about Word Press and had not seen your post until now.
        Thanks for the tip off about Fiona Mauchline’s blog. I have a bit of down time this week so will look at it.
        All best


  4. […] this year’s IATEFL Materials Writing SIG pre-conference event, Katherine Bilsborough offered us tips on writing materials for primary-age young learners. These […]


  5. […] Super-blogger Sandy Millin very graciously defers to Lizzie for an account of the PCE but adds notes (and links to Christina Rebuffet-Broadus’s wonderful sketchnotes) on her blog. […]


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