IATEFL Birmingham 2016: Video selections

Here is a selection of some of the videos from the IATEFL online coverage which you might like to watch. (All videos will be embedded when I work out which code to use!)


I attended both of these plenaries, but they didn’t really fit into any of my other posts, so I’ll put them here.

David Crystal kicked off the conference by talking about language change. There are also summaries and responses to the talk by Lizzie Pinard and Sue Swift, as well as an infographic of the main areas covered created by Maria Galanopoulou.

Scott Thornbury spoke about the history of ELT and made predictions about the future of the profession. Again, you can read summaries by others: Lizzie Pinard, Michael Griffin, Geoff Jordan, Aisha and Sue Swift.

Jan Blake closed off the conference in excellent style, with two stories showing the art of adult storytelling to full effect:

Volunteering and projects

Julie Pratten is doing admirable work with her Heart ELT initiative, a school for Syrian refugees in Iraq. There is a book of crowdsourced classroom activities which you can buy to help support the project. Here is Julie’s interview with Nik Peachey from the conference.

I learnt about Nick Bilbrough’s Hands Up project during Scott Thornbury’s closing plenary.

The hands up project teaches English through online storytelling and other remote learning activities. We work with children in circumstances that may be challenging because of social, political or economic reasons.

Our current projects include groups of children from UNRWA schools in Gaza and the West Bank, Syrian children in refugee camps in Jordan, and an NGO in Pakistan.

From the ‘About me’ page on his website

Nick is working full-time on a completely voluntary basis (and looking for a funding provider, if you can help!) He has a blog full of video clips from his lessons and also shares resources with teachers. Listen to him talk about the project here:

Judy Boyle talks about the No Project, which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery:

Continuous professional development

Paul Braddock of Teaching English British Council spoke to four of the TeachingEnglish Associates about continuous professional development.

Lizzie Pinard and Kieran Donaghy on metacognition and using video in the classroom:

Me and Chia Suan Chong on time management and why native speakers need to improve their communicative competence (and being upstaged by Natalie) 🙂 :

Other videos

I was also recorded for various other things during the conference.

Christina Rebuffet-Broadus recorded Bruno Leys and I talking about British food and what we think of France and the French. (pending)

Hanna Zieba interviewed me about the IATEFL conference and about CELTA courses, on behalf of Lang LTC in Warsaw, where I’m currently tutoring on a part-time CELTA.

Neil from Teaching English asked me to offer short tips for students and teachers on the a subject. I chose speaking, and got in a cheeky plug for my ebook too 🙂 (pending)

Richer Speaking cover

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