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English on the train

[A quick post from this afternoon…]

I’m on my way to Warsaw for a weekend on a part-time CELTA. All of the announcements on this modern train are in Polish and English.

The young woman next to me is reading a biography of Morrissey in English, but her phone is in Polish. It’s quite a challenging read from the snippets I’ve looked at, so she’s clearly a confident English user. She’s near the end of the book.

A cheeky Amazon affiliate link to a game I really enjoy 😉

A few rows in front of me, four students from different countries are playing Monopoly Deal, using cards written in English. There is at least one French person and one Polish. I’m not sure about the other nationalities, but all of them are using English fluently as a second language. Three of them are familiar with the game already, and one is learning. In the course of the game, she is asking a series of questions and clarifying the rules with the other three players. There is a lot of laughter and joking, and they’re clearly enjoying themselves. Accents make no difference, nor do grammar mistakes. They are using English to communicate and it is working for them. It’s a pleasure to listen to them negotiating meaning so fluently and without worrying about what they are saying. [They carried this on for the entire three hour journey – great work!]


Comments on: "English on the train" (3)

  1. Fab! 🙂 A brief post, as you say, yet says so much. Happy weekend in Warsaw! 🙂 Lizzie


  2. Hi Sandy,

    May I ask where you’re doing your CELTA training in Warsaw? I know that my current school (LANG LTC) does some CELTA courses here. Just wondered if you might be doing it on their behalf.

    PS: Are you sticking round in Wawa for long?


    • Hi Tim,
      I’m helping to run the current part-time course at Lang, which will finish mid-June. I live in Bydgoszcz and commute for the weekends when I’m working in Warsaw. I’ll be there two more times for this course, on the 3rd/4th and 10th/11th June. 🙂


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