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Matthew Noble has just started doing some paragraph blogging for March, with super short updates on what he’s thinking about. I’ll try and join in as many times as I can in March. I’ve been meaning to write something about my job for ages…

When I got to school at 10 I had a couple of brief chats with teachers, and had a bit of food while switching the computer on. I am currently teaching the beginners’ Polish classes for our teachers (more on that at a later date), so I finished my prep for the lesson, then quickly cleared my emails in the 10 minutes before class. We were working on basic foods, based around pizza menus, and I did my first bit of grammar teaching, introducing genders and the endings for one case.

Pizza po polsku - a screenshot from our Quizlet set

Straight from that into the senior meeting, interrupted briefly by a placement test for a new 121 student. The senior meeting is an hour every week for the ADoS (Assistant DoS) and senior teachers to work on any issues we have and make future plans too. Lunch, then 15 minutes or so of printing the observation timetable I put together yesterday, along with the forms for senior staff to fill in, making packs and handing them out. Then 15 minutes to find speaking activities for tomorrow’s workshop on setting up speaking activities, and a rushed 9 minutes (!) to speak to another new 121 before I had to leave. Pre-observation meeting in the car, and teaching chat, then two observations in a satellite school, followed by feedback on one of them for the teacher who has a gap between his lessons. Bus back to Bydgoszcz, when I happened to bump into one of our teachers travelling back from another satellite school, so we chatted about how she’s doing, music, and learning languages. Got home at 8. Not really a typical day due to the travelling, but then, I’m not entirely sure what a typical day is, apart from packed!


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