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I’m very pleased to announce that ELT Playbook 1 is now available as a paperback via Amazon. It is a little more expensive than the ebook to cover the cost of printing, but it is still great value!

With thirty tasks in the book, each with multiple reflection questions and four reflection ideas, that’s hundreds of ways to think about your teaching or to help others to think about theirs.

What are you waiting for?

Get your copy now! [affiliate link]

ELT Playbook 1 on Amazon screenshot

And for those of you following the process of my self-publishing adventures, it took me about 7-8 hours in total to turn the ebook manuscript into a paperback, including reading two proofs and making the associated changes. Definitely worth it, as it was very excited when I held the proofs in my hand!

Comments on: "Hold ELT Playbook 1 in your hands!" (6)

  1. Amanda Momeni said:

    Congratulations Sandy! We also self-published The Ultimate Guide to CELTA.


  2. Carol L Falconer said:

    Congrats, Sandy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations Sandy. Dorothy just showed me how to do this on her ITDI course. Hope to crank one out soon


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