Happy 10th blog-iversary!

10 years ago today I published my first post on this blog. In fact, I published five (!), all copied over from a fledgling blog I’d started somewhere else in the summer of 2010 and didn’t want to lose. I then didn’t really start blogging in earnest until just after Christmas of 2010, when I wrote my first #ELTchat summaries. As you can see, it was a bit of a slow start, but it soon took off, largely thanks to Ann Foreman at Teaching English British Council sharing various posts.

I was at the start of my third year of being a professional teacher. A few months earlier I’d discovered the amazing community of teachers on Twitter, thanks to a chance comment from Shaun Wilden. I’d noticed that a lot of those teachers had blogs and thought starting my own could be a useful way to share my ideas and create a portfolio for my teaching. There’s no way I could have imagined just how wide-ranging its effect on my career would be.

Blogging has allowed me to share my reflections on teaching, training, managing, and the general minutiae of living abroad and being me. The act of framing my thoughts for others to read forces me to consider what I think. It is also often cathartic. Every conference presentation I’ve ever done is on here somewhere (I think!), along with my progress through Delta, into training, materials writing and management. Looking back on those thoughts is fascinating (to me at least!), seeing how much I’ve developed and changed over the life of the blog, and realising what has stayed the same.

The posts got a lot more frequent and a lot longer…thanks for making it to the end of some of the mammoth ones!

Through my blog I’ve made connections with people all over the world, and some of them have become friends too. It’s my own small corner of the internet, a place where I feel like I’ve been able to making some kind of useful contribution to the profession. It never fails to astonish me how many people have made use of the blog and how much of the globe it seems to have reached. I particularly enjoy finding out about the people who use my blog, and reading the comments and stories they share in response to my posts.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blog over the years, to everyone who has read and shared the posts, and particularly to all those people who have written guest posts for me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

19 thoughts on “Happy 10th blog-iversary!

  1. Congratulations, Sandy.
    I always read your posts with interest, and most often than not, I get some takeaway from them which becomes instantly useful.
    I feel you’re family now. Looking forward to the next ten years!


  2. Happy anniversary! I first encountered your blog a couple of years ago when I was looking for information on Delta Module One, and I was immediately amazed by how much useful content I found here. You’ve helped many teachers from around the world. Thank you!


  3. Congratulations!! Your professionalism, dedication, and commitment that this blog is a vivid proof of has always been so inspiring! And I want to add also that some of the most memorable posts for me are those that were about you and your life. It’s precious that you share the real you so honestly. Onwards!!


  4. Congrats! You have been supportive throughout my teaching profession. Full of fascinating insights into the ELT industry. Thanks so much for sharing and your generosity


  5. Happy Blog -Anniversary!
    You and your blog have had such a positive impact on me – I’m so very glad you decided to blog! Your posts are useful and informative – keep up the good work!


  6. Wow! Congratulations, Sandy! You have always been a role model to me – teaching-wise and well as blogging-wise. 🙂 Keep it up!


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