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Here’s an activity I did in the final lesson with my beginner 10-12 year olds today.

First, we each drew 2 animals, 2 people and a room:

Then I put some possible questions and answers into the chat:

Then I put the students into breakout rooms for 10 minutes with a partner to ask and answer questions. They enjoyed it so much, they repeated it with another partner.

Super simple, super effective, and practices those tricky question structures. And it shows them just how long they can speak in English for after only 9 months!

Comments on: "The last lesson with beginners: a super simple speaking activity" (2)

  1. Juliana Alves Mota said:

    Hi, Sandy!

    It’s not clear to me yet the purpose of the questions. As far as I understood, they all are seeing the picture at the same time, right? Or are we supposed to hide the picture from them?
    Could you clarify a little bit more? Thank you!


    • Sorry for not making it clear before! Each person draws their own version, keeping it a secret, meaning that the questions make it a guessing game. The picture in the post is my version of it. Hope that helps!


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