Back in the classroom


I’m currently waiting for my first group of 3D students since October 2020, and my first without social distancing since March 2021. I’m covering a few classes at my old school as a favour at the start of the year, which is also slightly odd as I’ve only ever been here as a DoS before, but the adjustment to that came surprisingly quickly.


It was simultaneously lovely and odd being in the same room as students. Mingles were a) possible with ease and b) a great sound to hear, and I took full advantage of this. We had at least 2 in each of the two lessons I taught. I was happy that I could still pick out individual voices from the crowd – I wasn’t sure if I’d have to tune back in again after a year of breakout rooms. We also had an imaginary ball when we did some getting to know you at the start of the lesson – who needs a real one?!

I found it much easier to keep track of emergent language on the whiteboard – as I mostly worked with very low levels on Zoom, I never really did much with this; there tended to be enough content already without adding extra language for the whole group (of course, I still supplied it to individuals who wanted it!)

My whiteboard from my first lesson (with B1.1 teens)

I’m still not sure how I feel about being in a room full of people who aren’t socially distanced and who mostly chose not to wear masks. I wore mine when I was close to them, for example when monitoring or when a student came over to ask a question. I also wore it most of the time when I moved around the school, though less so when I was just in the staffroom and there weren’t students around.

I’ll be teaching in the classroom for 2 weeks if all goes to plan, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it, as I have no idea when I’ll next get the chance!

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