IATEFL Belfast 2022: Impact by design: ensuring positive benefits for teachers and learners – Nisreen Ash

Nisreen works for Cambridge University Press. This is work in progress, with external content coming in the future.

Nisreen has been working on a framework to consider the impact of English.

All of our products and services are designed to improve

Why have a framework?

Understanding our impact is part of our continuous improvements.

We want our learning resources and exams to be the best they can be for our learners and teachers, and have the most positive impact on their learning and beyond.

Impact research

Cambridge has been researching impact since the 1990s.

The learner is at the centre of the education process. They want to empower participants with data and evidence.

Understanding impact should allow you to accentuate the positive and reduce negative effects.

This kind of research is also a form of transparency.

Impact by Design

This was a model introduced in 1996 by Cambridge English Assessment.

It is a concept that incorporates:

Impact considerations from the start, and seeks to anticipate potential effects and consequences with a commitment to monitoring and changing things as required

Saville, 2009

It’s a cycle which should begin at the beginning of the process, and feed constantly into what is being done.

Impact framework

Three domains:

  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Assessment

Impact areas cover many different things, and will probably change with time. For example, focusing on the impact of learning resources on learner development, perceptions and future plans (e.g. study, work).

The indicators measure the areas that affect:

  • Individuals (e.g. learners, teachers and test takers)
  • Organisations (e.g. schools, test centres, higher education institutes, employers)

They now have an ‘Impact hub’ which collects all of the data from across the organisation to make them tidier to analyse.

What does an indicator tell us?

They’re like KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). If they notice there is a drop in performance in a particular area, they can set up an impact study to look at it in more depth.

The process is:

  • Measure
  • Evaluate
  • Report

They then communicate their impact findings in a range of ways, which will be a central website (not quite ready yet!)

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