I’ve known Sandy for many years and been fortunate to attend several of her talks. I’m never disappointed. She conveys her point clearly, keeps me engaged, and demonstrates many practical takeaways. I specifically remember one about doing many things with so little time, which I really related to. Naturally, it strengthened a camaraderie she easily contributes to. Plus, her ELT Playbook ebook has been part of my library since the day she published it.

Tyson Seburn, Canada

My workshops are designed to be practical, informative and leave attendees with plenty of food for thought. I have a range of pre-prepared workshops, or I can put something together just for you. Take a look at my Presenting page to get a taster of some of the things I could present for you.

Sandy Millin presenting her pecha kucha at IATEFL Harrogate 2014

A real professional whose knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to her work mean her workshops never fail to be both informative and inspiring.

Edward Evans, BKC IH Moscow

I have been a participant in one of Sandy’s workshops on a conference in Warsaw. I loved how she presented her ideas and was very knowledgeable, engaged with the audience and I left the workshop with new fresh ideas in my head and very motivated!

Ola Kowalska, Poland

I was lucky enough to attend Sandy’s session on better communication at the IH Bielsko-Biala Teacher Training Day in 2020, and I’m still using her ideas a year later. They’ve absolutely revolutionised how I go about communicating with my students, peers, and school management.

Christopher Walker, Poland
Sandy speaking at InnovateELT Barcelona


  • Online via Zoom
  • Remote presentation – I present via Zoom to a room of attendees
  • Face-to-face
Sandy Millin presenting at IATEFL 2012 - photo by Mike Hogan
(photo by Mike Hogan)


My workshop fees are made up of various components, depending on the format.

  • Online: Workshop + Preparation
  • Remote: Workshop + Preparation
  • Face-to-face: Workshop + Preparation + Travel + Accommodation (1 or 2 nights depending on length of training and travel time)
Workshop lengthFee
30 minutes £40
45 minutes £57
60 minutes  £75
90 minutes  £110
2 hours £140
3 hours £200
1 day (7 hours, plus 60-minutes of breaks) £350
Workshop preparationFee
Pre-prepared £40
New practical (2 hours or less) £60
New practical (over 2 hours) £120
New theory* (2 hours or less) £100
New theory* (over 2 hours) £200

If you’d like to record the workshop for your organisation to reuse in future, there is an additional £30 charge, or £50 if it’s a whole day.

*Note that all theory-based workshops still include practical components.

For example:

  • A 45-minute workshop (£57), selected from my list of pre-prepared workshops (£40) online via Zoom would cost £97.
  • A 90-minute workshop (£110), selected from my list of pre-prepared workshops (£40) online via Zoom, plus a recording which can be reused by your organisation (£30), would cost £180.
  • A 3-hour workshop (£200) full of practical ideas, created from scratch for you (£120) presented remotely to a group of teachers in one room would cost £320.
  • A full day of training (£350) based on theory and included practical components, on a topic which I haven’t presented before (£200) presented face-to-face would cost £550, plus travel and 2 nights of accommodation.
Sandy presenting at the speed dating

What are you waiting for? Book a workshop now!

Go to Calendly to reserve a time. It will ask you for a 60-minute slot, but don’t worry! When booking, please state exactly how long you would like the workshop to be for, the format and whether you would like a copy of my list of workshops to choose from. Please note I need at least 7 days to prepare for a workshop, possibly more depending on my workload.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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