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Note 2: These are links to courses by other people who I know are professional and trust-worthy. However, I haven’t taken the courses myself. You may want to ask to speak to somebody who has completed the course yourself before investing in it.

ELT materials writing training courses – ELT Teacher 2 Writer (Sue Kay, Karen White, Karen Spiller)

Alongside our series of successful How To Write books for ELT materials writers, we offer face-to-face writer training courses that can be tailored to meet the specific aims of your organisation or writing team. We deliver the courses with our authors to provide bespoke training packages; the workshops can be delivered individually, or could be put together to provide a one- or two-day training course. We also offer webinars or webinar series for individuals or organisations. Some of our most frequently requested topics include An Introduction To Writing ELT Materials, How To Write Teacher’s Notes For ELT Materials, How To Source And Adapt Authentic Texts, and How To Write For Exam Preparation.

Please contact us at hello@eltteacher2writer.co.uk for further details or see our website: https://eltteacher2writer.co.uk/our-training-courses/

Sue Kay, Karen White, Karen Spiller - the ELT Teacher 2 Writer team
Sue Kay, Karen White, Karen Spiller – the ELT Teacher 2 Writer team

Writing ELT Materials – Kath Bilsborough and John Hughes

All teachers have to write their own materials, even if they have a course book. For example, there are supplementary materials such as tests, quizzes, games, flashcards. Some teachers would even like to write their own course book! Surprisingly, even though materials writing is a key skill that every teacher needs to develop, little or no formal training is ever given. For this reason, Kath Bilsborough and John Hughes decided to start an online course for teachers. Kath and John have worked in ELT for over thirty years, published well over 100 titles, and have trained teachers from all over the world. The course offers ten sessions via zoom and the chance to receive personalized support and feedback on two assignments. Part one of the course introduces you to the key principles and techniques of materials writing, and part two develops your creativity with advice on how to publish. For full details, visit www.writingeltmaterials.com 

Kath Bilsborough
John Hughes
Kath Bilsborough and John Hughes – Writing ELT Materials

Video Creation for Educators (VoiCE) – Jo Gakonga

Video making is becoming more than a ‘nice to have’ skill. It’ll help you to progress in your career, promote your services or generate income by making online courses. If you’re thinking about making video and want tips, tricks and tons of motivation and support, try this eight week, supportive group programme from ELT-Training.com and find your video VoiCE.

Jo Gakonga – video creation

Flourishing Foundations – Rachael Roberts

My coaching and training business, Earn Learn Thrive, is all about empowering freelance ELT professionals to earn more, work less, and live more fully.

I have: 

⭐ 30 years of experience in the industry

⭐ 14 years as a successful small ELT business owner

⭐ heaps of training and coaching in running a small business, organic marketing and social media, copywriting and more

…..as well as being a trained psychotherapist, counsellor, and coach. 

Work with me on my 3 month business foundations group programme, FlourishingFoundations, to learn the steps to make your business truly work for you. 

Rachael Roberts
Rachael Roberts – Flourishing Foundations

Canva course – Clare Hayward

My Canva course is 6 hours online, over 4 weeks where you learn all about how Canva helps with your ELT teaching/training.  

Topics include:  Resources to promote your teaching such as: socials, videos and reels  plus CVs, business cards and docs.  We also go through teaching materials including worksheets, lesson plans, mind-maps, presentations, reports, KWLs, infographics, comic strips and a whole lot more for the ELT classroom.  

Clare is currently a freelance teacher trainer in Scotland, UK. She has been teaching, training and managing teams for almost 20 years and during this time in this amazing profession she has worn many ‘hats’ in various job roles.  She has a Celta, Trinity DipTESOL and MEd Applied Linguistics which she uses expertly while she creates and delivers on Trinity Cert or Dip, plus designs ESOL materials and co-ordinates teacher training for Yoga teachers.  She is at her happiest now freelancing, being ‘boss free’ and creating materials using Canva and H5P.  She loves that our sector is so diverse and has recently adopted yoga practices to balance her life. 

Clare Hayward – Canva course

The Chilled Investor – Nicola Prentis

Nicola is a materials writer, double award-winning Graded Reader author and former EFL teacher who knows all too well how educators and creative types often get left behind when it comes to money. With 10 years of materials writing experience under her belt and a new love of all things investing, she’s offering a beginner investor course called ‘the chilled investor.’ In 6 weeks, you’ll have all the basics to start investing plus the critical psychology and mindset that separates successful from panicky investors. The truth is investing is actually pretty easy, you don’t need to be rich and it doesn’t take much time to manage. Plenty of financial advisors would rather you didn’t know that!

Nicola Prentis – The Chilled Investor

Graphic Facilitation Training for ELT – Emily Bryson

Emily Bryson wants to help ELT professionals harness the super power of graphic facilitation. She has found that using simple drawings with her learners aids comprehension, engagement, accessibility and memory. It also adds a touch of magic and an element of fun to the classroom. She refers to drawing for the classroom as ‘not art, but communication’ and her drawing style in simple and unintimidating. She offers a range of courses which will build your visual vocabulary and provide innovative, minimal preparation activities for teachers and teacher trainers. You may know her as the author of National Geographic Learning’s Voices series or her other books – 50 Ways to Teach Life Skills and The A-Z of ESOL. Her other ‘hats’ include teaching learners from refugee backgrounds, teaching adult ESOL literacy, accessibility and inclusion, graphic recording, sketchnoting and materials development. Her suite of courses is constantly evolving. Find out more, here: https://emilybrysonelt.com/all-courses/

She has also written courses on ESOL and ESOL Literacy for ELT Training Library

Self-paced online courses – Vicky Saumell

Vicky Saumell has created three self-paced online courses to be taken on your own.

  • Technology Skills for Educators 1 (approx. 15 hours)
    This course aims at helping teachers develop basic technology skills to be used in an educational setting.
  • Projects in the ELT classroom (approx. 20 hours)
    This course aims at helping teachers develop skills to plan and manage projects in the ELT classroom.
  • Digital Storytelling for Educators (approx. 15 hours)
    This course aims at helping teachers develop skills to plan and manage digital storytelling tasks in the classroom.

Full info about the courses can be found here.

Vicky Saumell is a teacher, trainer, materials writer and presenter. She is also a freelance author and has worked as a writer and trainer for major publishers. She is the Coordinator of IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG. Her current interests are learning technologies and project-based learning. She has a website at www.vickysaumell.com.

Vicky Saumell – technology skills, projects, and digital storytelling

Introduction to Inclusive Approaches – Michelle Worgan

Michelle is passionate about young learner teaching and has more than twenty years’ experience in the primary classroom, as well as contributing to several major international courses for primary learners. She’s always enjoyed trying out different approaches to discover what works for her learners, but recently she’s also been questioning the way we teach children. Michelle believes that we need to help children become ready for the challenges the future will bring them and in doing so, ensure that everyone has the same opportunities for learning.

In her three-week course, you’ll learn about some of the principles that we need to consider in order to make our lessons truly inclusive. Topics covered include a brief overview of learner-centred approaches, adapting a traditional curriculum to a more flexible approach, social and emotional learning, learner engagement and agency, and evaluating your own practice.

Find out more here: https://michelleworgan.com/inclusive-approaches-course/ 

Michelle Worgan – inclusive approaches

The Hancock and Veigga Pronunciation Course for Teachers – Taylor Veigga and Mark Hancock

The course combines phonology – from sounds to connected speech and intonation, with pedagogy – games, puzzles and techniques such as drilling. Both of these are set within the context of the purpose of pronunciation teaching – to help your students to become more effective and intelligible participants in a global English language speaking community.

Participants will leave the course with:

  • a solid familiarity with the most important concepts of phonology
  • a rich toolbox of materials and ideas to bring pronunciation alive in the classroom
  • an increased awareness of their own accent and other global accent variants
  • increased insight into the main purpose of pronunciation learning: intelligibility

More information here: https://pron4teachers.com/

Taylor Veigga and Mark Hancock – pronunciation

Creating a Greener Mindset – Harry Waters

Harry has created a course which will empower you to to dedicate time to the environment in your classes and prevent your learners from becoming apathetic about The Climate Crisis.

When you do this course you will….

  •  Gain confidence in making your lessons greener
  •  Improve your ability to adapt and create sustainable materials
  •  Add a sprinkle of green to every aspect of your lessons
  •  Be able to guide your students to a greener future

What does the course include? 

  • Four 2-hour collaborative learning sessions
  • Between lesson activities with feedback and advice
  • Green Teacher starter pack with activities ready for your classroom
  • Practical teaching ideas 
  • Techniques to adapt materials
  • Skills awareness for future green employment
  • A Facebook community

Find out more about the course at https://renewableenglish.com/training.

Harry wrote a guest post on my blog where you can learn the story behind Renewable English.

Harry Waters – creating a greener mindset

Pursuing PhD scholarships – Cecilia Nobre

A self-paced course where PhD applicants learn to structure and write successful PhD applications in order to maximise their chances of getting a scholarship.

Cecilia has won 3 PhD scholarships this year: one from Midlands ESRC to study at Warwick ( her choice), one from Dublin City University and another from the University of South Australia. She is due to start her PhD in the Applied Linguistics department at Warwick University in October 2022. Cecilia is a teacher, Trinity DipTESOL and CertTESOL teacher trainer and an enthusiast materials writer.  She has over 20 years of classroom experience and became a teacher trainer 5 years ago. She holds an MA in ELT from Warwick University and she will start her PhD at Warwick in October 2022. She has taught in Brazil, the UK and Turkey. 

Find out more about the course here. [This is an affiliate link – if you purchase the course through this link, I’ll get a little money. Thank you!]

Cecilia Nobre – PhD scholarships

Take Your Time Delta Module One / Delta Module Three – Sandy Millin (me!)

A more relaxed way to approach these two modules of Delta, running across a whole year.

You can read more about me here.