These are all of the guest posts which have featured on my blog. Thank you to everyone who has written for me! They are listed from most recent to oldest.

Note: there is a separate list of Delta conversations.

City Stories – Dave Cleary

Renewable English – Harry Waters

8 lessons I have learnt that helped me write successful PhD applications this year – Cecilia Nobre

Finding out about cognitive load theory – Rose Lewis

Dissertation research request – IELTS examiners – Ben Naismith

How to taste wine…in English – Grace Alchini

Online CELTA: the trainee perspective – Nadia Ghauri

Online CELTA: the trainee perspective – Yawen Qin

Dyslexia Bytes – Q&A – Martin Bloomfield

Professional development beyond CELTA – Chris Russell

We’re all in this together – Alistair Grant

How do we teach when teaching online – Laura Edwards

Using Nearpod for asynchronous online teaching – Katie Lindley

Adding movement to online lessons – Olga Stolbova

Designing teacher development workshops: key design principles for planning training workshops for in-service teachers – Lauren Perkins

TP Interrupted: The Role of the Trainer in CELTA Teaching Practice – Amy Blanchard

Learner-centred observations of teachers – Christian Tiplady

Change or die trying: Introducing differentiation on initial teacher training courses – Karin Krummenacher

Free CPD on demand: Boardshare as a tool for unseen peer observation – Dan Baines

Tips for Dips – Helen Rountree (about DipTESOL)

Language courses at companies – language teaching or language coaching? – Victoria Toth

DIY festive homework – Katie Lindley

Introversion: the hidden strength in language learning? – Alastair Roy

The Proficiency Plateau – Lily-Anne Young

Boardwork – Amy Blanchard

You cannot run before you can walk – reading in Arabic EFL learners – Emina Tuzovic

Writing ELT materials for primary – Katherine Bilsborough

Rethinking reflection in initial teacher training – Dan Baines

Peace Boat – Amy Blanchard

A few tips for mature entrants to the EFL profession – Helen Dennis-Smith

Teaching English on Skype – Julia Phang

Arabic students and spelling – Emina Tuzovic

Japan or bust – Graham Moore (a series):

I am *super* impressed – Tereza Eliasova

Research – Ana Ines Salvi

Setting up a self-hosted blog – Chris Wilson

Watching movies – Khulood Al-balushi

Party games for vocabulary revision – Roya Caviglia

Jazz chants – Katy Simpson-Davies

Cuisenaire rods – Ceri Jones

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