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How to challenge yourself

Challenge considered

This was a lesson plan in the form of a presentation I put together for the weekly 90-minute English Speaking Club at IH Sevastopol. The notes for the plan are visible when you download the presentation (in the notes pane, normally found under the slides):

Here is the SMART goals jigsaw reading (jigsaw reading is where you divide a text into sections. Student A reads part A, B reads part B, C reads C and so on. They don’t see the other parts. They then work together, with or without the text, to build the meaning of the whole by sharing information from their own parts.):

There are also tapescripts to accompany the two videos, which could be mined for language if you choose (that wasn’t the purpose of this club):

It was the first topic for the speaking club for 2014, and hopefully we’ll revisit the goals the students set for themselves later in the year. Unfortunately I was ill, but my colleague taught it and said it went well. Let me know what you think!

My teaching goals (from March 2009!)

I’ve just been clearing out my files, and discovered this document, which I sat down and wrote after going to a conference in Brno during my first year of professional teaching. As far as I can remember, it was the first conference I’d been to, and it was certainly well before I knew about Twitter or blogs.

Teaching aims from 2009

Teaching aims from 2009

I’ve managed to achieve all of my short-term goals (I think!), and all but one of my medium-term goals, Delta results pending. I’m not yet a Cambridge examiner. As for the long-term goals, watch this space…

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