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Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out (infinitives of purpose)

If you’ve never seen Wallace and Gromit, here’s a clip from ‘A Grand Day Out’, the programme which introduced them to the world and won the creators an Oscar:

I created this worksheet to revise infinitives of purpose with elementary students, and to share one of my favourite parts of British culture. It is designed to keep the students paying attention all the way through the episode. You can either give each student the whole sheet, or cut it in half so that you have two different worksheets. You may want to pre-teach some vocabulary, such as ‘rocket’, ‘match’, ‘drawer’, ‘escape’…

[To download, click ‘view on slideshare’. You have to log in, but it’s completely free. You should then be able to click on ‘download’ above the document.]

Apologies for the lack of numbers! The answers are:

Left half (in order as they appear in the episode)

To go to the moon.

To get cheese/To go on holiday.

To start the rocket./To light a match./To light a fuse./To get crackers.

To see what happens./To get something out./To open the drawer.

To ski

To escape from the robot.

Right half (in order as they appear in the episode)

To get some cheese.

To find a holiday./To organise a holiday.

To protect their eyes.

To catch the ball.

To get a telescope/a club/glue/paper./To put the cup in it.

To ski.

If you want to do more work with Wallace and Gromit in class, there are activity books accompanying a couple of the episodes, although I can only seem to find the one for The Wrong Trousers at the moment.


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