Reviews policy

I am occasionally contacted by companies asking if I can review their apps, websites or other products.

To save us all time, I would like to clearly set out my policy for reviews.

  1. I will only review things which I have used myself, in the way in which they are intended to be used by the target audience.
  2. I will only receive payment for reviews the results of which are shared in private with the aim of further developing the relevant resource. I will expect to receive payment for such reviews at my consultancy rates agreed prior to my starting the review process.
  3. Any reviews which are posted on my blog will be done in a private capacity. I will not have received payment for these.
  4. If I review a book, I will include Amazon affiliate links with the review. This allows me to earn a few pence if you decide to buy a copy of the book (or anything else) via my link. I will also try to provide alternative non-Amazon links, which may or may not be affiliate links – this will always be clearly stated.
  5. All information on this blog reflects my own personal opinions, or those of guest posters if it is explicitly stated that the post is not written by me. I am not responsible for the views of guest posters.
  6. My reviews will be my honest evaluation of what I believe to be true about that resource at the time of writing, including any improvements I feel might be necessary to make the resource more useful to its target audience. My views may subsequently change – if I believe it is necessary, I will update my review with clear information about what was in the original review, and what has changed. I will not due this purely due to a request from somebody connected to the reviewed resource.
  7. If you would like to use a quote from one of my reviews in your marketing of a product, please ensure that you contact me first.

This policy was written on 2nd September 2021, and applies to all of my reviews from now on (though most of it already did before too!)

My reviews

Please note the date of the review and that my views may have changed since I wrote the review. Reviews are listed from newest to oldest within each category.

General teaching books

Lessons learned: First steps towards reflective teaching in ELT by Gabriel Díaz Maggioli and Lesley Painter-Farrell – 23rd August 2020

Teaching resource books

Classroom Dynamics by Jill Hadfield – 1st January 2021

Teaching Lexically: Principles and Practice by Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley – 18th March 2019

Classroom Management Techniques by Jim Scrivener – 28th November 2017

From Rules to Reasons by Danny Norrington-Davies – 15th May 2017. This includes some examples of how I used the ideas in lessons

Special Educational Needs by Marie Delaney – 22nd April 2016

Working with Images by Ben Goldstein – 21st April 2016

Two books about professional development – 30th April 2015. Featuring The Developing Teacher by Duncan Foord and Professional Development for Language Teachers: Strategies for Teacher Learning by Jack C. Richards and Thomas S. C. Farrell

Materials writing books

Watch this space!

Teacher training books

Trainer Development by Tony Wright and Rod Bolitho – 9th August 2019

Teaching Language Teachers: Scaffolding Professional Learning by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli – 31st July 2019

The CELTA Teaching Compendium by Rachael Roberts – 20th July 2017

Training courses / Professional development

Reflections on Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task-Based Approach by Coursera – 24th September 2016

Future Learn Italian course – weeks 5 and 6 (the review is in the ‘Overall’ section at the bottom of the post) – 14th August 2016

IH Online Teacher Training: Certificate in Online Tutoring– 23rd June 2015 (about a course I did in November 2011)


The TEFL Training Institute Podcast – 5th September 2017

The History of English podcast – 12th February 2015


Michel Thomas: Language Master – 15th June 2016

Why Central Europe should be on your list of dream TEFL destinations – 28th May 2016

Crisis at Clifton: Richmond Mazes – 22nd April 2014

A pile of about 20 ELT related books
Some of my professional library – let me know if you’d like me to share my thoughts on any of these titles and I’ll see what I can do!

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