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These links will take you to a selection of blogposts containing all of the conference talks and seminars I have done.

International Conferences

March 2012 – IATEFL 2012: Go online: getting your students to use Internet resources
Presenting the results of action research on problems students and teachers face when using online resources, as well as links to many of the resources.
I won a scholarship which enabled me to give this presentation: International House John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarship.

Sandy Millin presenting at IATEFL 2012 - photo by Mike Hogan

Presenting at IATEFL 2012 (photo by Mike Hogan)

April 2013 – IATEFL 2013: IH Newcastle Personal Study Programme
What the Personal Study Programme is, how it works, and how we plan to improve it in the future.
This was the first presentation of the Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group day during the main IATEFL conference.

January 2014 – IH Director of Studies (DoS) Conference: A brief introduction to online professional development

April 2014 – IATEFL 2014: Stepping into the real world: transitioning listening
Why it’s important to train our students to deal with ‘real-world’ listening, and activities to help you do this.

January 2015 – IH DoS Conference: Helping new teachers to settle in

April 2015 – IATEFL 2015: Write more! Making the most of student journals
How to encourage your students to write more frequently through journals, and how to set up a journal writing system.

April 2016 – IATEFL 2016: Taking back time: How to do everything you want to
Tips to help you manage your time, since everyone keeps asking me how I manage to do all of this 🙂 This was part of the Leadership and Management SIG day during the main IATEFL conference.

May 2016 – Innovate ELT: Five things I’ve learnt from five years of blogging (plenary) and Making the most of blogs (workshop)
Why it’s worth reading blogs and writing your own, and tips on how to do so

National and Local Conferences

March 2010 – Park School of English, Brno: two 20-minute swapshop activities (pre-blog)

March 2011 – Park School of English, Brno: Teaching 2.0 in the One-Computer Classroom

February 2011 – IH (International House) Brno conference: A Whole New World of ELT
An introduction to Twitter and blogs for professional development.

October 2012 – English UK North: Twitter for Professional Development


May 2012 – IH Teachers Online Conference (IH TOC 50): Twitter for Professional Development

May 2013 – IH Teachers Online Conference (IH TOC 60): Ten blogs in ten minutes
A ten-minute guide to ten of my favourite blogs.

May 2014 – IH Teachers Online Conference (IH TOC 6): Five ways to raise your professional profile

August 2014 – TOBELTA Reading and Writing Conference: Making the most of student journals

January 2015 – IH Live Online Workshop: Picture This: ELTpics and images in the classroom

May 2015 – British Council: Blogging for professional development

May 2015 – IH Teachers Online Conference (IH TOC 7): The IH whistle-stop tour

December 2015 – BELTA Belgium: Christmas and New-Year Activities

In-school training

February 2011 – IH Brno: Easy Technology for the EFL Classroom
A selection of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use technology tools

April 2011 – IH Brno: Teaching 2.0 in the One-Computer Classroom
An introduction to various tools that can be used with no or only one computer in the classroom

August 2011 – IH Newcastle: Twitter 101

September 2011 – IH Newcastle seminar for Delta students: Twitter for Professional Development
My most comprehensive guide to using Twitter for Continuous Professional Development

January 2012 – IH Newcastle seminar for CELTA students: Twitter for Professional Development

May 2012 – IH Newcastle: Ideas for an IWB
Ideas for tools and activities that can be used with an IWB or a projector.

December 2013 – IH Sevastopol: Christmas activities: ready to go!
Activities ready for you to take straight into the classroom.

January 2014 – IH Sevastopol: Teaching Essay Writing

July 2014 – IH Sevastopol: Online Professional Development

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  1. Hi Sandy,

    Your video of the slides from your IATEFL 2014 presentation on Listening seems to have disappeared from Brainshark – is it available anywhere else? I was hoping to show it to some teachers this week.



  2. […] at You can find details of all of my previous presentations on my Presenting tab, including examples of my presentations, recordings of webinars and a link to the video of my […]


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