Ten blogs in ten minutes (IH TOC 60)

I’ve just finished my presentation at the International House Teachers’ Online Conference to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the IH organisation. All of the presentations are 10 minutes long, and there are 60 presentations in total. All of the videos are (will be) available on the blog. There’s something for everyone!

IH 60th anniversary

For my presentation I had the difficult job of choosing 10 blogs to share with the world. I decided to choose blogs which I go back to again and again and/or which lead readers to other great bloggers. Sorry if I had to miss you out! Here is the presentation, handout and the video. Ten blogs in ten minutes (IH TOC 60)

Thanks to Mike Griffin for inspiring me to do this by celebrating his PLN.

Note: I made a little mistake with the ELTsquared blog, which is actually at http://www.eltsquared.co.uk – sorry Chris!

Happy birthday IH!


Kevin’s blog, The Other Things Matter, has now moved to wordpress: https://theotherthingsmatter.wordpress.com/

The blog starter list has also moved.

9 thoughts on “Ten blogs in ten minutes (IH TOC 60)

  1. Hi Sandy, I totally agree with Phil!
    Thank you for the mention – feeling very honoured to be included in such great blogging company – and slightly sheepish about my recent rate of production!


  2. Hi Sandy,

    Just a real honor to on that list. I enjoyed the presentation. As I watched it, I tried to imagine what it would be like to jump from that video to any of the blogs on the list for the first time. It made me think about what happened to me when I first found your blog (and Ceri’s and Chris’ and Adam’s and Leo’s…). It really did change the way I teach and think about teaching. And the fact that your presentation might make that moment possible for other teachers, that’s a real Mitzvah. Thanks Sandy, for thinking of me, but more over, thanks for thinking of the ELT community in general. You are such a superstar.



    1. Thanks for the comment Kevin, and for the different perspective on it as always. It was a pleasure to do, and as you say, if I can help a few people to discover the amazing resources on these blogs, including yours, it was 10 minutes well spent!


  3. Hi Sandy,
    I saw it only now and wanted to thank you for including my blog in your list – I feel flattered and honoured. Naturally, if I were giving a similar presentation your blog would be on my list too 🙂
    Thank you so much


    1. Thanks for dropping by, and for watching the presentation Leo 🙂 Glad you found it! It wasn’t difficult to include you in there – most of what I understand about the Lexical Approach is from your blog!


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