Who are you people?!

Joanna Malefaki’s blog My ELT Rambles is one I enjoy reading, because her voice is so strong – I always feel like she’s chatting to me, even though we’ve never actually met.

Today she wrote a post about meeting the readers of her blog, and how strange it can be to realise that all those things you probably mostly wrote for yourself, and possibly a few people you know, have actually been read by other people who you’ve never met. In it, she said:

Well, I guess I feel strange and happy at the same time. Happy that I can help someone, strange cause, boy oh boy, do I ramble!! I guess bigger bloggers are used to it, but I am not. That’s why I am writing about it today. Does meeting someone who has read what I say, change the way I blog? Nope!! Still gonna ramble!!!

This completely echoes my own feelings. I’m lucky to have met quite a few of the readers of this blog face-to-face, and it never fails to make me squirm in embarrassment inside, while at the same time making me feel satisfied that my writing has been able to interest and help other people. When I started the blog I never dreamed that it would go as far as it has – I just imagined it as a kind of professional portfolio to help me when I was applying for jobs. Having ‘the’ put in front of my name feels very weird when somebody says ‘Oh, you’re THE Sandy Millin’, which has now happened a few times. But I can’t deny I enjoy my little corner of fame 😉

One of the things that feels particularly strange is that I think I can probably only identify maybe 100-200 (at a push!) of the people who subscribe to and read this blog, so I’d really like to know a bit more about the rest of you. It can seem a little unbalanced at times 😉 If you’re feeling brave, why not say hello in the comments and tell me a bit about you. I’m not sure if or how it will influence my writing, but it’d be nice to know more about who’s reading it!

Thank you.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I've ended up where I needed to be. Douglas Adams

14 thoughts on “Who are you people?!

  1. I’m guessing I probably fall within that set of people who you already know as (at least, occasional) readers of your blog, but I thought I’d say “hello!” anyway 🙂
    Interestingly, I recently beta-tested an online training module for a local writer who runs workshops for small businesses on how to blog. The module focused on identifying your target reader. I initially thought that my target readership in the world of ELT was way too diverse to pin down, but by the end of the module and a bit of reflection, I had actually quite clearly identified two or maybe three target readers. It was a really interesting exercise.

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  2. I’ve been your fan and follower since those times when your were working for Internation House in Sevastapol.:) And I’m really happy to read your posts, even doesn’t matter what they’re about. I’m not a bloger, just a teacher, but I find all your posts interesting,helpful, practical.Some of your ideas are useful in my professional sphere, others in everyday life as due to your advice I’ve decided to buy a multicooker. ha-ha


  3. Hello! I’m a longtime reader, and I don’t really follow any other ELT bloggers, though I’m familiar with who they are…I think mostly because I am not at all an academic.

    I’m Chris, and I’ve been an independent online business English teacher since 2012. I’m sure I’m not on the list of those whom you know, but I enjoy reading your posts!


  4. Despite being a reader whom you’ve actually met, I decided to say HELLO anyway! I love the quote you added and agree about blogging and meeting readers – pride and awkward all mixed together. So very very glad you decided to blog, Sandy!


  5. Hi Sandy 🙂 My name is Sanchia and I’m an EFL teacher working in southern Italy at the moment. I think I first came across your blog when I was still debating whether or not to do Delta, and it was definitely a very helpful resource when I was doing Module 2 this summer – so thanks for that! It’s nice to “meet” you.


  6. Hi Sandy!

    I’m a teacher, a newbie ACT, and more recently a mother. I’ve been following your blog since before I did my Delta in IH. I didn’t have time to do all the things you suggested, but reading it sure gave me an idea of what to expect, and that in itself was really helpful. Since then, I’ve been a regular reader. I started reading some other blogs and checking my twitter account (rarely used till then). I’m mostly only a reader, though. So when I read this post, I wanted to say hi and thank you. Keep writing?


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