Sandy’s Take Your Time Delta Module Three course

Announcing the addition of a Delta Module Three course to my Take Your Time offering, to accompany the Module One course I’ve been running since October 2021.

I’ve had good feedback so far from the 14 people who’ve joined me for Delta Module One, as you can see:

There will be a strict limit of 8 participants for each iteration of the Module Three course, so make sure you apply as soon as you can! There will be Module Three two intakes a year, one with a September start for the June submission date, and one with a February start for the December submission date. Find out all of the details and apply here.

There is a discount for anybody who signs up for a second Delta module with me, in either order (One then Three, or Three then One). Unfortunately, I can’t offer Delta Module Two as I’m not a Cambridge centre, but I can offer advice to help you choose the best way for you to do it.

If you’d like more Delta resources, take a look at Useful links for Delta.

If you go ahead, good luck, however you choose to do the course!

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