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From 2008 to 2011 I spent three brilliant years living and working in Brno in the Czech Republic. It’s difficult to put into words everything I love about the town and the country, so I decided to make a video instead. It’s about 20 minutes and shows my pictures and videos from the time I was there. I also tried to include as many people as possible. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to visit this fascinating, little-known city in the east of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic: A Love Story from Sandy Millin on Vimeo.


Comments on: "Brno and the Czech Republic" (19)

  1. Sounds like taking the job in Brno was one of those decisions you’ll be happy you made for the rest of your life! May you enjoy your new job and home too!


  2. Brings back some lovely memories from my visits to you- what a lovely way to remember and celebrate your time there


  3. Caroline Preston said:

    Hope you are enjoying the madness of International House Newcastle in the Summer!


  4. […] years later, I decided to come back from Brno (you can watch my video about my time here) and spend a year in the UK, choosing to work in Newcastle as it’s not far from Durham, where I […]


  5. […] This view was from the balcony of the second flat I lived in there. You’ll understand why it was difficult to get any work done, with my desk positioned so that I was looking out onto this! This was an early morning shot, one of probably about 100 shots at various times of day and in various weather conditions which I took while I was living there. If you want to see more about Brno, you can watch a video I made about it here. […]


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  7. […] has been a busy year for me. I spent the first six months living in Brno in the Czech Republic, and the second six in Newcastle, UK. I’ve been to Krakow and Paris. I’ve become part […]


  8. […] so I was sent to Brno. This resulted in three of the best years of my life, which I summarised in this video. Brno from the flat I was lucky enough to live in for 18 […]


  9. […] my CELTA, I put said tin in my mum’s attic, where it stayed for the three years I was in Brno. When I came back to the UK to work in Newcastle, I thought it was time to retrieve some of the […]


  10. […] had a week’s holiday in Brno, revisiting all of my old haunts. I also spent some time at home with my […]


  11. […] a Foreign Language teacher, currently working in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I came back to the UK after three years in Brno in the Czech Republic because I wanted to volunteer at the Olympics. My journey to becoming a Games Maker, as we are […]


  12. […] week there, by it’s busiest week of the year again! 10 days before I’d still been in Brno, where I had been working for three years, so it was a bit of shock to the system. Right from the […]


  13. […] in my sixth year with IH. I spent three years in Brno, Czech Republic, 2 in Newcastle, UK, and am now in Sevastopol, Ukraine. I also did three summer schools in the UK […]


  14. […] also made a photo and video montage when I left Brno, which you might find interesting […]


  15. […] Tereza Eliášová is from the Czech Republic, and is currently studying for a semester in the United States. She was one of my students in Brno.  […]


  16. Cool video…glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Czech. I’m currently committed to a contract in the Middle East, but I have been looking into BRNO for a while now. I do have a number of years in EFF/ESL teaching experience and I am wondering what schools, conversation language schools specifically, as a foot in the door I suppose, you might recommend and/or rule out in the city.

    Looking forward to your response!


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